Choosing Computer Repair Service

You will face issues with your computer from time to time. Let no one lie to you that your computer will remain in perfect condition all through. If you work up one morning and your computer is not functioning in the right way, you can either go online and search for possible solutions or call for help from professional computer repair services. If you do not have experience in matters related to computers, do not try to open the laptop. Below are tips which will guide you to the best computer repair service.


Computer repair serviceYou can start by asking people close to you if they can refer you to reputable computer repair services. Word of mouth has been found to be among the most effective forms of marketing. And you see, no one will ever refer you to quack computer repair services.
If recommendations do not work for you, search the internet. Google search for the best computer repair services and include the name of your location. You will get many suggestions, and it is up to you to visit their websites and see if they offer the service you are looking for. While on the sites, do not forget to look at the review section to see what previous customers are saying about them.

Home Repairs

Some technicians offer to come and check your computer from your home or office. Such an arrangement saves you time. But have it in mind that, such technicians are more expensive. If you operate a tight schedule and you cannot visit their shop, this will be the best option for you.

Service Cost

Checking a laptopDifferent repair shops charge differently for the same service. If you are repairing your computer for the first time, it will be helpful to ask for quotes from different repairers for comparison. If a technician asks you to pay the whole fee upfront or on an hourly basis, stay away from them. Many good computer shops will charge you depending on the type of problem with your computer, and their charges are fixed.


What happens if the problem recurs immediately you get home? Such a situation means that the problem is not solved. The best repair shop is that which does not charge you for such occurrences. They should own up the mistake and repair the computer without charging you a penny.

Causes and Precautions of Computer Data Loss

Data loss is a tragedy suffered by many computer users. If you have never suffered data loss, thank God, but be prepared in case, the misfortune knocks your door. So, what causes data loss? This article will discuss some causes of data loss and how to prevent each from happening.

Deletion by Mistake

Delete buttonYes, this happens all the time. Have you ever been typing a 2000 word document and something happens, and you hit the delete button, and your page remains blank? Well, this is a form of data loss. You will have lost your data entirely if you do not have a backup.

To prevent data loss by deletion, people are advised to backup all their documents. With backup files, you will recover your document in case you deleted unintentionally.

Virus Attack

Data loss due to the attack of viruses and malware is another common complaint. Viruses corrupt files such that you cannot open them anymore. If you are connected to the internet, you are at risk of virus attacks.

The only solution to virus and malware attacks is the use of antivirus to protect your computers. There are many antivirus software’s in the market, but you must invest in powerful antiviruses for maximum security. And you see, viruses keep on changing, so you must be updating your antivirus often. A good antivirus will report to you anytime there is suspicious activity on your computer.

Mechanical Issues

Broken USBWhen your hard drive drops, your data is lost. There are many issues surrounding the hard drive, but mechanical issues affect it the most. The major mechanical problems are related to head and spindle of the hard drive. If this happens to your hard drive, the only solution is to have it repaired. If you are not a computer technician, do not attempt to fix it on your own because you might make the trouble worse.

To protect your hard drive from mechanical damages, you must take proper care of it. Avoid dropping or hitting against hard surfaces.

Water Damage

Tea spills on computerYour computer can as well be damaged if exposed to water. If for example, you spilled coffee accidentally on your computer, it might destroy the hard drive. Some other times, you might drop the whole computer in water. If this has ever happened to you, you must understand the pain of watching your computer submerged in water.

To protect the computer from water, it must start from a change of habits. First of all, do not take coffee or any other drink from your working station. Also, do not use your computer near swimming pools or any other area with water. The idea here is, protect your laptop from the water.