The conference will be held at Jordan University of Science and Technology which is about 10 KM away from the city of Irbid. Irbid is 80 KM away from the capital Amman. The conference guests may stay either in Irbid or Amman. Irbid does not have a wide range of hotels, and definitely no 5 stars hotels. A wide variety of hotels is situated in Amman. The travel time from Amman to the conference location is about one hour driving.

Here we list some of the accommodation options in  Irbid.

The city of Irbid does not offer wide range of hotels, here is a list of some of hotels in Irbid :
Nahas PlaZa Hotel , Sedrah Palace Hotel and  Irbid Plaza Hotel.

We highly recommend the 7 Days Hotel. The icics conference  offers A free conference shuttle buses service to/from  7 Days Hotel.
7 Days Hotel  Hotel Suites are located in the heart of Irbid city, which is best described as the Jordan Northern Bride. Irbid characterized by its distinctive nature that turned the city into a tourist attraction, both at the domestic and international levels. Many main historical attraction are close by: Um Qais, Ajlun, Jerash and Bellah.
The Hotel is 80 minutes from Queen Alia International Airport Amman and is conveniently located close to the venue at JUST. It offers comfy rooms with air conditioning, room and laundry service in addition to Internet and satellite TV.


The main way of transportation in Jordan is taxi cabs, though  public buses are available and can be used to travel inside the city or between  different cities, however, good knowledge in Arabic and in the culture is required to use the bus system. Taxi cabs might be a better choice for travelling. Some hotels have special arrangements for travelling for its residences.

The travel cost inside the city varies depending on the distance; however, it may range from 1 JD to 3 JD in most cases. Cabs charges usually 5 JD from the city of Irbid to JUST (conference location). And they charge about 25 to 30 JD from Amman to JUST.