Advantages of Sending a PDF to a Fax Machine Online

While there are many newer ways to send documents these days, faxing remains to be one of the most reliable thus, it is still preferred by several business companies and government agencies. With online faxing, this mode of sending documents has truly reached another level. It meant convenience and lots of advantages to those who have always been using fax machines in their day-to-day operations.

Indeed, faxing your documents through your computing devices is beneficial to business owners and agency heads. This means that you can transmit files and receive documents wherever you may be. Online faxing is easy to learn and use even if you are not a computer techie. It is also possible for you to attach your signature. When your sent files are received, you will get feedback that the documents you transmitted are received by the right person you are sending the documents. But while online faxing is a reliable method of transmitting files, you will have better security when you fax a PDF document online.

Portable Document Format or PDF is developed by Abode as a file format and file extension. Here are the reasons why you should send documents in PDF form.


PDF is an independent entity from the hardware of your computing device, which means that it can work on Unix, Macintosh, or Windows. It is an application software that can be read across different platforms. This makes it convenient to prepare documents in PDF form, whether you are using either Macintosh, Unix, or Windows.

Hard to Alter

When faxing a PDF online, the original appearance of the document will be viewed by the receiver. It will also be in PDF form when printed. This should assure you that you have received an original file that has not been tarnished or meddled with.

Original files are more difficult to alter when PDF is used, which cannot be said when using other formats like GIF, JPEG, or TIFF. When sharing photos, it is best to create it in PDF format. It is almost impossible that it will be tampered.

Extra Protection

While PDF files are difficult to alter, you can also add additional security by applying a password on your documents. With a password, you can protect your file from being printed, edited, and copying. When faxing and you allow the receiver to do those above, you can provide the password.

PDF is used in legal documents because of these reasons. You see them in bank statements, tax papers, and other important forms.