Three Basics to Think of Before Buying a Camcorder

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Buying a camcorder can be one of the things that is quite confusing especially if your budget is large enough. Models of camcorders not only vary in size and capability but also vary in the price offered. At this time, you can buy a camcorder that has a cost of around $200 to $300 or even a camcorder that has many features at a price that is indeed more expensive. Therefore, we want to help users to be able to choose camcorders correctly through articles on choosing camcorders.

This article gives you direction in choosing a camcorder with several steps so you can make the right choice.

What Is a Camcorder?

recording natureThen what are camcorders? It is a device that is capable of recording video and has work that is almost the same as a digital camera. The video recorded is a series of images captured by a camera lens from a camcorder. Images that are quickly recorded by a device that can be said to be photosensitive is located on a camcorder. In older types of cameras, the recording device is called a film.

On camcorders or the latest types of cameras using sensors of light-sensitive imaging, these sensors convert light into electrical signals. It internally converts the signal into video data, and the data will be stored in the storage area. Then what about the sound? The voice has also been recorded along with the existing image.

Types of Camcorders in the Market

Knowing the various types of camcorders before deciding to choose camcorders can be one of the things you can consider. Currently, the size of the camcorders is smaller and lighter compared to the previous models of camcorders. However, of course, the functions and capabilities are far above the previous model. The camcorder can now be very comfortable gripped by hand and only weighs about half a pound while the lightweight models have at least a 10x optical zoom on the lens and a variety of promising capabilities. Some types of camcorders are able to record 3D events, receive GPS to add the identification of video capture sites (more familiar with features, geotagging), and have projector capabilities.

For now, camcorders can be grouped into two types, namely the full-size model, and cam action. The cam-type action camcorder can currently record video with a resolution capable of high-definition (HD), even some of the latest versions can record video with 4K resolution. For the full-size type, there are several types, and most are more varied compared to cam actions. If you want to buy a camcorder, you can consider buying an action camera, like the GoPro Hero. The cam action model is classified as smaller, lighter and waterproof.

Features of Camcorders

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If you want to choose a camcorder, paying attention to features can be one way to determine the camcorder that suits your needs. The first consideration is the video the resolution of the camcorder you will buy. The other favorite features of camcorders are LCD monitor, autofocus, image magnification (zoom) and various other features.

Choosing a camcorder with an LCD flip-out feature can be a good choice. Currently, the flip-out feature of the LCD is found in almost all full-size camcorders. On camcorders of action cams, this feature is infrequent. So when you want this feature, make sure that your choice is a full-size camcorder. Some LCDs on camcorders have a reasonably wide aspect ratio, which ranges between 16: 9. The LCD is also quite useful for reviewing videos that you have recorded, and this is much easier than using the viewfinder. Unfortunately, some LCDs have a pretty lousy display when used in direct sunlight (outdoor activities).