How to Send Fax from Gmail

Lots of people nowadays use Gmail for matters that are personal or business-related and which include faxing. One can send a fax from Gmail by using email faxing, which is simple to integrate with Google. An individual is provided with a google fax number that automatically converts faxes that are incoming and outgoing via Gmail.

Steps to Follow When Sending Fax Through Gmail

These are steps that one should follow when he/she wants to send a fax using the internet with google. These steps can be followed by using the free trial account, which allows one to explore all the features that come with the service of Gmail Fax.

  • Creating a new message which is done by clicking on the button labeled ‘Compose.’
    Enter the information of the recipient. This is done at the ‘To’ section, where one enters the receiver’s fax number. This is the area where one would normally put the email of the recipient.
  • Attach documents to the fax. One can attach many documents with different formats on the email. Most providers accept all varieties of document formats to be attached.
  • Add the cover page message. This is the same place where one would normally write the message for an email. Here you write the text that you would want to include on the cover page.
  • The final step involves checking over the fax and ensuring that the fax number has been entered correctly and the documents attached are the required ones. After that one click on the SEND button and the Gmail fax is automatically converted and delivered within a few minutes.

Gmail fax service makes faxing via the internet to be simple and easy. After the above steps are completed, the fax takes a few minutes to be delivered and usually one gets a confirmation message on the same.

The whole process is almost similar to sending a normal email, but there are a few modifications that are made.
They include:

  • The fax number is entered in the ‘To’ section instead of entering the recipients’ email.
  • One can attach documents to be faxed to the email.
  • The title of the cover page can be put in the section of the subject.
  • The message on the cover page can be put in the area of the email that has the content.
  • Sending faxes online is a great choice for individuals who are looking to integrate online faxing to their Gmail account. It helps in cutting expenses which in turn saves money.
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